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Strategic collaborations for success

At the heart of our business is our B2B prospecting service. We generate leads and secure meetings on behalf of our clients. We connect businesses and build relationships through intelligent telephone conversations and targeted email communications. We consistently generate a steady and growing stream of opportunities, each and every week. Our solutions support a wide range of organisations from Start-ups to SME’s, to larger National organisations.

  • Targeted Lead Generation
  • Intelligent Telephone and Email Prospecting
  • Securing New Business Meetings
  • Securing places on Supply Chains and Rosters
  • Tender and Enquiry Opportunity Sourcing
  • Timely Follow Ups
  • Proposition Articulation
  • Introductory Communication Creation
  • Comprehensive Weekly Reporting
  • Compilation and management of contact data – shared in CSV and Excel format

All our websites are fully optimised for search engines (SEO). All are mobile responsive (mobile friendly) so present themselves perfectly no matter what device they are viewed from – smart phone, iPad, PC etc.  We also offer SEO solutions and UK Hosting packages – for a fast, secure and reliable website connection as well as offering website administration and maintenance options.

Our in-house, UK based Website Development team have in excess of 30 years’ computing experience and have been coding and creating websites for more than 2 decades. We have extremely high standards when it comes to all aspects of website development and design and are also extremely knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to effective SEO. All our websites effectively support businesses online.

  • Expertly designed and developed
  • Fully Optimised
  • Mobile friendly
  • Professionally present businesses
  • Effectively support business objectives
  • Attract customers
  • Help to generate business

We provide effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to ensure businesses can be found online. Our on-going, fairly-priced SEO solutions help to establish and maintain a strong Google ranking position. We optimise all our websites from the ground up and also offer retrospective SEO (where possible).

  • Full website optimisation
  • On-going SEO solutions
  • Retrospective SEO (when possible)
  • Website and SEO audit
To forge genuine relationships online and to succeed in today’s overcrowded social media space, you need to bring personality to you brand. You need to engage with your audience and show empathy. Bland, scheduled and generic postings are not an effective way to manage your online presence.

Our techniques are designed to present businesses in the best possible light, to heighten online profiles, bring visitors to websites and to ultimately stimulate enquiries.

  • Setting up social media profiles
  • Creation of social media graphics
  • Managing interesting and effective content
  • Intelligent Social Media Management
  • Content production and ‘Blogging’
  • Social Media Workshops

Creation, design and production of effective sales and marketing materials and supporting materials. We don’t believe in marketing waffle. All marketing and sales support material produced by Magnetic BD is designed with our key objectives in mind – To professionally present businesses, to attract customers and to win new business.

  • Introductory communications
  • Proposal documents
  • Case studies
  • Mailers and leaflets

In order to support our clients with the challenges associated with starting a new business, growing an existing business or managing times of change, we believe in the power of collaborative business relationships to solve problems, improve performance and achieve real value. This approach enables us to propose the most effective solutions to fulfil our client’s business development needs.

All our partners are experts in their field and have been carefully selected based on their strengths, expertise and proven ability to add value. Collaborative relationships include the delivery of:

  • Business Strategy Workshops
  • Proposition Workshops
  • Communications Strategy Workshops
  • Business Coaching
  • Sales Training
  • Social Media Workshops

Professional Website Design – Effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Mobile Responsive Websites

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web design eastbourne
web design eastbourne
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